, REVIEWS, AIRBORNE MOVING COMPANY , AIRBORNE MOVING COMPANY   Excellent service, fast, handled items carefully.  I did ask for my receipt from office management, as I did not receive one from workers the day of move, following the cash payment.  I called the office and I was told I would receive receipt through email.  It's been over one week and still have not received my receipt.  They arrived over an hour late.


    , REVIEWS, AIRBORNE MOVING COMPANY , AIRBORNE MOVING COMPANY   Benjamin and Mario were awesome! They were very nice, punctual and courteous. They helped us move from 2 bedroom apartment in Lomita to a 3 bedroom house in Norwalk. It was tough because our apartment was on a second floor but they did a good job and finished in 4 hours. I would totally hire them again and recommend them to my friends! They're the best!


    , REVIEWS, AIRBORNE MOVING COMPANY , AIRBORNE MOVING COMPANY   This business venture started out quite well. Oleg and I communicated back and forth efficiently. He answered a lot of my questions as I expressed to him my concerns about specific pieces of furniture that needed to be moved. One in particular, a very heavy mirror that was hanging on the wall quite high. We spoke back and forth for a few weeks as my moving schedule kept changing. This is my 4th move in 5 years. We are pros at this, fast forward to moving day (09/01/19), Oleg assures me that he will have a team of great movers on hand. I felt confident in this move going forth. On the day of the move, 4 guys + 1 foreman/supervisor (Benjamin) showed up and  none of them struck me as professional movers. We were in the thick of it and there was nothing I could do except hope and pray that they proved me wrong.

    2 of the employees spoke no English, which is a problem when your trying to move in a timely manner. The main employee, Joesph had to translate back and forth, that in itself can slow the process down. Also I noticed they showed up in a rented U-haul and the communication was not there to not inform us about their truck until they actually got to my house.

    Again, we are in the thick of it and there's nothing much I can do but proceed with caution. The first part of the move was okay except for the mirror situation. Previously, I had sent pictures to Oleg about the mirror letting him know it was hanging high on the wall and would need all hands on deck to get it down safely and smoothly. Yet, Benjamin panicked and said he had no knowledge of the mirror and how high it was hanging.

    They had no ladder, so the two smallest guys of the group had to get on my dining room table and reach up and take the mirror down. (Very professional and not prepared.)
    They removed everything from the old house in a timely manner and that's about as good as it got.

    Arriving to the new house, it was all downhill. We informed Oleg weeks ago we were moving to the second floor which had stairs. This is where the troubles began. They struggled with literally everything we had. We had a new refrigerator and because of their lack of training, they tried to bring it up with the doors on. By them forcing it up the first few stairs, they realized it would have to come back down and the doors would have to be removed. It should have been thought of before they started it.  This slowed the process down a lot.

    By them trying to force the refrigerator upstairs, we noticed several dents on it. The first one we found and was pointed out by Benjamin. Later after they left, we found more and it did not sit well with us. All of our furniture took a hit. Scratches, dents, chipping and damaged. You name it, it happened.

    The time seemed to stop but the clock was still running while they were trying to assemble my mechanical bed. They couldn't connect the headboard correctly and struggled. Because of this, it ran over the time we had allotted. They had trouble bringing up almost all of our furniture.

    Fast forward 2 weeks later, we were completely moved in and we noticed more things wrong and things were broken and unaccounted for. To this day, they broke at least 10 glass items and some personal items are still missing. Every box is broken down. I reached out to Oleg , and let him know about the refrigerator and my moms bedroom set was damaged. I also let him know items were broken.

    He became irritated that I did not reach out sooner, I informed him I did not open each box in one day and find what was damaged or missing. This is the first time that this has happened to us. I let him in the beginning I wouldn't write a review and perhaps he should retrain his staff for the next big move. He seemed gracious and offered to send a gift card but it has been 3 months since I moved in and there has been no contact with Oleg.

    Therefore, I decided people needed to know what they are getting into if they choose to hire this company. These are not professional movers at all. They were struggling. The whole move took 8 hours (moving from Orange to Tustin) Downsizing from 1,500 sq.feet to 1,000 sq ft. should not take this long considering EVERYTHING was packed and secured.

    I am highly disappointed in this company. It is a bit misleading to think your going to get actual professional movers when in reality, amateurs show up. It was never about the gift card. It is about the accountability and principle. This was a very expensive move and it didn't measure up to what we paid for +  tipping. So many things were damaged that we had to replace ourselves or wasn't replaceable.

    I've moved 4x with the same furniture and never had anything come back this damaged. I cannot recommend them at all. They have a lot to learn if they are going to stay in business.
    For the record Oleg was not present on the day of the move.


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